Friday, 12 August 2011

Singing for me supper

Well, no I haven't vanished off of the face of the earth since my last posting way back in the mists of time, but due to a rather longer than planned painting sabbatical and a slight career change you can now find me working away elsewhere at a little place called BackCountry Strings 

Here I'm cheerfully beavering away at building custom musical instruments, fiddles, banjos, lap guitars and the like. We're all still happily living in Middlewood and the work is still artistic(I hope!) so if you like pop over and have a look. Will  be throwing in a painting or two every now and then plus the usual observations on cornish life so hopefully there will be something of interest,
 cheers for now


Peter Brown said...

Hi Joel,
I'm pleased to discover that you're still actively creating, even if your painting has taken a back seat of late.

I'm in the same boat to some extent, with my attention divided between guitar building and painting, although seldom at the same time - I don't multi-task well!

I hope you can find time to return to regular blogging duties; whether it relates to painting or instrument building, I'll be very interested to read of your exploits.


Joel Merriner said...

Hi Peter

I'm not a great multi tasker either! Although at least with instruments and painting they're both creative, so it's not too much of a leap. Do you have pics of your guitars online?
Should be back to full blogging duties in January so watch this (or my other) space!