Friday, 31 October 2008

King of the Spiders

Interesting visitor to our cottage the other night. It was dark and we'd just arrived home, switched on the lights and started making a cup of tea when I happened to turn around and spot sat on the wall above our fireplace quite simply the largest spider I have ever seen living wild in any part of the good old British Isles. It was obviously a member of the harmless house spider clan but an individual of the most incredible hulk proportions that I stood open-mouthed for a minute or two marvelling at it's legs and mandibles. Unfortunately my better half is terrified of spiders so with the help of a large mug and a postcard I scooped the chap up before she had a chance to see it and moved to deposit it out-of-doors. However it was such a large spider that the mug could barely contain all of it's mighty arachnid power and I am sorry to say I accidently severed one of it's eight legs in the ensuing struggle. I finally released it in the lane outside and I'm sure I heard it mutter "I'll be back" before vanishing into the darkness...


Anonymous said...

Hello! I live in Michigan on 4 acres of woods, we to have the timber wolf spider who I have seen get as large as 4 inches from tip to tip. I to, do not kill them because you have only one chance to catch them because they also jump when frightened, but they also make a nasty mess. We see them when the rain starts in April.

joel said...

Hi, that sounds like quite a spider you've got there! I haven't seen our house spiders over here jump very much but they certainly like to run fast. September onwards seems the best time for them to appear, all the best Joel

José said...


Maybe you could offer a painting of a spider to your better half for this Christmas :-)
Trompe l'oeil crosses my mind.

Kind regards,