Tuesday, 3 February 2009

More of that snow

Fantastic winter conditions have just hit us here in Cornwall, snow started about 4ish yesterday afternoon and resumed this morning. We even had a bizarre thunder and lightening incident which strangely didn't appear in any local weather forecasts (so maybe it was all in my head and I just imagined it....) Took a foray down the woods with the camera but the road was blocked outside of our little row of cottages so a trek up onto the moor would have been a major day-long -expedition so had to leave that again.

Note small furry critter in distance


Stephen said...

More snow today Joel! Maybe that trek up to the moor is looming!!!!! unfortunately I have some logging to do so cannot join you on your mammoth Hike!!!!!!

joel said...

Hello Stephen! I think my mammoth trek is postponed for another day, I reckon the moor is going to be pretty chilly today!