Monday, 2 March 2009

Under the Bridge

Interesting little discovery the other day. A friend of mine who lives just down the road(about 200 yards) in a place called Berrio Bridge, directed me to an interesting little nest he had discovered under one of the arches of said bridge(a very picturesque and several hundred years old granite structure). It was made of moss, domed with a little entrance hole and perched just above the fast flowing waters of the Lynher. Ironically as I clambered down the bank to have a look, a dipper flew out from under the arch and sped down the river. Sure enough, it turns out this little chap was the owner of the nest. My mate assures me the nest has been there for a good while, so I can only assume a bit of a renovation was taking place in preparation for the new breeding season to come. Wouldn't be my ideal choice of location for a home hanging over the surface of a fast flowing moorland river, but dippers are made of sterner stuff than us, so long may they remain there I say.

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