Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Dartmoor Landscape Oil Paintings

As I've been nattering a bit about Dartmoor lately, I thought I'd include a couple more Dartmoor-inspired oil paintings for viewing. These are pleine air(on the spot) paintings produced a couple of years ago, fairly loose and impressionistic in style. They are both available to buy.

"View from Sheepstor"
Oils on canvas
10 inches x 8 inches


"Siwards Cross"
Oils on canvas
12 inches x 10 inches



pencilportraits said...

fantastic paintings Joel, I'm amazed you managed to paint them in situ, absolutely brilliant

joel said...

Thanks for your kind comments! The Sheepstor pic was fairly straightforward to do (although a bit windy up there!) but the Siwards Cross was a little more tricky - I finished the sky first day but then had to return same time of day for several afternoons to get the rest of the scene. Probably would have been easier to get a photo!

José said...


You did a great job on those textures and perspective.

Best regards,


joel said...

Thanks Jose, that's much appreciated!