Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Lodger

Seems we may have an uninvited guest hiding somewhere in the house. Got up the other morning, followed my usual breakfast routine - cups of tea, baby's milk bottle(for the baby obviously), dog biscuits(for me), toast...hmm.
That's when I noticed it - a large hole in the bread bag, with a corresponding hole in the last slice of bread, plus crumbs and chewed pieces of cellophane all across the worktop. Obviously the work of a rodent of some description, far too neat and tidy for a rat, so had to have been a little house mouse. Kept a vigil but no sign of him in the last day or two however, so I'm thinking of scattering some flour across various likely approach routes in the kitchen to see if I can get some footprints to record. A humane trap then seems the likely way to go. Just hope for micey's sake he doesn't encounter the dog before me.

A house mouse, yesterday.


Peter Brown said...

It could be worse Joel! We have rats nesting in the roof and the dog is beside herself as they scamper across the ceiling. I love wildlife but there are limits!

joel said...

Blimey! That does sound a bit much!We once had a rat living under the floorboards - it took us about a week to realise why the dog kept clawing at the floor every night. Compared to that and to your roof dwelling house guests one little mouse seems quite pleasant!