Tuesday, 9 June 2009

War of the Peacocks

The peacock I mentioned a few posts back is still around, in fact he seems to have set up residence in Middlewood for the present and is using the fields, lanes and gardens around these parts as his own personal stomping ground. He's been spotted flying, or rather gliding, sitting on people's rooftops and calling in a very loud voice early in the morning. He's not fully grown, has the colourful plumage but only a half length tail. Rumour has it he was one of a trio of peacocks bought by someone "up the hill" recently. Apparently they bought two males and one female, never a good combination in peacock circles, and it seems this smaller guy has been ousted by the other male and sent packing. I feel quite sorry for the lad, he's obviously a bit lonely and just looking for a girlfriend. The other day I even witnessed him displaying at a bunch of jackdaws. Needless to say they were not particularily impressed.

As a footnote just this morning I saw the other male of the trio down here in Middlewood. He's a much bigger guy with a full length tail and looks like he means business. Mind you, if he keeps walking down the middle of the road like he did this morning he could come to a sticky end.

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